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Our History

Over time and with pride in our hearts, Starta Healthy Living has become not just a clinic, but also a symbol of health care in Belgium. Our story began with a simple but powerful mission - to provide every patient with a long and happy life, starting with caring for their hearts.

Age of Caring (Founding Years):

At the heart of Starta Healthy Living is the understanding that caring for heart health is not just a profession, but a calling. Since our doors first opened, we have been committed to the task of making every patient's heart stronger and healthier.

Tomorrow's Concern (In the Planned Future):

Starta Healthy Living will continue to strive for new frontiers in heart care by implementing best practices, developing our team of specialists and strengthening our connection with our patients. We see a future where taking care of your heart is an integral part of every day, and Starta Healthy Living will continue to play a role in this amazing journey to a long and healthy life.


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Starta Healthy Living is not just a clinic; this is a story about care, love and the desire for the health of every heart that beats under our attentive gaze.

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Why choose us?

At Starta Healthy Living, we provide comprehensive and advanced care for your heart health, making your choice for long-term wellness and quality health care.

Expertise and Experience

Starta Healthy Living brings together a team of outstanding cardiologists with decades of experience and expertise in the field of heart health. Our specialists provide highly qualified consultations.

Modern technologies

Starta Healthy Living uses advanced technology and diagnostic techniques to accurately identify and effectively treat heart problems. This includes innovative methods of examination, monitoring and treatment.

Patient focus

Patients are our priority. We create a welcoming and supportive environment, ensure clear communication and ensure you are treated with attention and care from the moment you contact us.

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