Av. Blücher 186, 1180 Bruxelles


"Dear friends of health,

A warm welcome to Starta Healthy Living, a place where your heart is well cared for by our outstanding team of medical experts.

My name is Dr.  Hartman and I am proud to be your primary care physician on this amazing journey to caring for your heart. Together with our highly trained team, we are dedicated to your health and well-being.

At Starta Healthy Living, we strive to create for you not just a clinic, but a home where each patient is part of our extended family. We are ready to provide you with an individual, warm and professional approach to your health.

Let us be your partner in heart care, providing you with the highest standard of care, personalized care and friendliness. Here at Starta Healthy Living, your health is our priority.


Our Team

Dr. Anna Hartman

A physician with decades of experience in cardiology, Dr. Hartman is our Chief Medical Officer and inspiring leader. Her passion for caring for patients' hearts has driven our team's success.

Dr. Mikhail Shultz

Dr. Schultz is an expert in the field of cardiac surgery, performing complex surgeries with outstanding professionalism. His unique skills have made him a key member of our team.

Dr. Elena Fisher

Dr. Fisher provides patients not only with medical treatment, but also with healthy lifestyle recommendations, including diet, physical activity, and coping strategies.

Starta Healthy Living is not just a clinic; this is a story about care, love and the desire for the health of every heart that beats under our attentive gaze.


Sophie Debrouck

"Dr. Anna Hartman and her team have truly changed my life. I feel healthy and full of energy again. Thank you for your wonderful efforts and professionalism!"

Luke Vandenberg

"Excellent clinic with attentive staff. Dr. Schultz performed the surgery at the highest level. I am grateful for the professionalism and warmth of your medical staff."

Ava Denners

"From my first appointment with Dr. Fisher to my recovery, I felt cared for by every doctor and nurse. Thank you for your warm and professional approach!"


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